Saturday, May 12, 2007


Not something you see every day... The Windies playing in my back garden!
Straight from work I picked a couple of friends up from Weston-super-Mare and brought them down to my house. On the way to buy some beer and wine for pre-, and post- curry drinks myself and Nick sat and watched the last few overs of the first days play.
The light was failing and the Somerset bowler looked as though he was trying to take the batsmans head off with some evil bouncers, you really would not want to stop a cricket ball in the chops at that speed - irrespective of wearing a helmet!
Anyway, straight from the World Cup the Windies treated the bowling with disdain and were wacking a couple of fours per over - we managed to see one get his Century up before we had to rush off to get the beer.
Lots of beer, some wine, a Pathia and even a Bullit and Coke later... my head hurts!

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Blogger Ame said...

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez head hurts from reading all that gobbletygook that I have no CLUE about...aren't cricket's BUGS?!?!?


Overs? Unders? On-top-ofs?


Sorry, excuse the two glasses of Cab I've just HAD!


Nice to see you're keeping up with your DP commitment!

12:19 AM  
Blogger Mountainboy said...

Ame - how long do you have? ;)

Look at the Wiki for a basic explanation!

An 'over' is a set of 6 balls bowled from one of the wickets to the other by one of the fielding sides players, known as the 'bowler'. 2 bowlers bowl alternately from opposite wickets.

If one of the two batsmen that are 'in' hits the ball then they both run from one wicket to the other to score a 'run'. If the ball when hit reaches a boundary without one of the team that is 'out' stopping it the team that is 'in' scores a 'four'. If the ball reaches the boundary without first touching the ground the team that is 'in' scores a 'six'.

Obviously the team that is 'out' are trying to get the team that is 'in' out. That goes without saying.

A game can take anything from an evening to 5 days to play.

All good fun!

Hope that helps!!! ;)

12:35 AM  
Blogger Ame said...

You have GOT to be KIDDING!

Makes my head spin just THINKING about it!

I'll stick to underwater basket-weaving!


12:46 AM  

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