Sunday, October 29, 2006

St. James Close Almshouses

This is St. James Close a row of almshouses attached to St. James church.

They are lovely terraced houses administered by a charity in town for the elderly or infirm. I am not sure when they were built but they were refurbished in 1969 so are probably due for a bit of work right now.

The are actually in the grounds of the church, the tombstones of the graveyard go pretty much up to the front doors! Guess this is the start of a bit of a halloween theme... ;)

Ok, Taunton Daily Tune time...
Today we have Roots Manuva with 'Witness' a great bit of UK hip hop, the highlight for me has always been when he rhymes 'cheese on toast', your typical US rappers use different material!


Blogger Marie McC said...

They look much nicer than most of the housing for the poor in my town. Guess one would have to be pretty careful if one were into gardening!

1:58 PM  

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