Monday, January 29, 2007

Castle Bow

Back to the more scenic sights of Taunton...
This is looking towards the Castle Hotel with Castle Bow leading down to the main shopping area of the town.
It is a very impressive old gateway and portcullis, you can imagine being one of those Parliamentarians and trying to storm it!
Right on the left of shot is an approaching crusty/goth... Tauntons coffee shops and Vivary Park are full of goths with credit cards... take pity on them, adopt a goth...

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Blogger Sue Richards said...

I just found you on someones photoblog roll. I'm not able to take a winter vacation this year so will take a photo blog trip instead - thought I should visit the motherland - my 8th stop.

Best to you from Canada - eh!

Blog Guelph

5:12 PM  

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