Thursday, March 22, 2007

A few days late - Mothering Sunday

It was Mothers Day on Sunday last, also known as Mothering Sunday.

I don't think Mothers Day means the same thing around the world - here it seems to mean that I have to go out on the Saturday and buy a diamond necklace?!

Anyway, back to the point - we celebrate the mothers, we should make breakfast in bed for them (ok, serve it in bed - not MAKE it in bed - that would be silly), we should take them to lunch so they don't need to cook (although cooking is now being shared more and more by us males so thats not really relevant anymore) OK, we SHOULD buy them diamonds!

Historically it is always the fourth Sunday of Lent and on this day we should all return to our 'mother' church so we all get to meet up with our families. If we are in 'service' we get this one Sunday off each year to make the trip back to that Mother church and catch up with who has been born/died/married/forever been erased from the family history due to that unfortunate incident with the goat and the blancmange...

Oh, I took my family to Hestercombe House and had afternoon tea, these are the sweets that followed the salmon and the cucumber sandwiches!



Blogger Ame said...

Where are the FLOWERS Mark???


Your best message and snap YET!!! ;)

WOW! Diamonds are a girl's best friend could be RIGHT...'specially when they're my birthstone!


Chocolate is my friend too...I think I just gained five pounds looking at that dessert tray!


12:56 AM  
Blogger Andreea said...

this is just so very very english. then again so far i haven't been offered ONE cucumber sandwhich. yet.
guess i'll have to insist on this issue next meeting in london :)

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Curly said...

I just love the traditional Devon cream tea!

8:25 PM  

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