Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Firepool Lock

A kid and his dad fishing next to Firepool Lock.

The Lock connects the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal to the River Tone and allowed the barges full of coal to reach the wharf.
The canal itself was opened in 1827 and was intended to be part of a larger network connecting Bristol to Exeter but the railway took lots of the traffic intended for the canal so that never happened.
Commercial traffic ceased in 1907 and after the 2nd World War the canal fell into disrepair.
Like most in the country it is now 'only' used for recreation.

I love canalsides, so much wildlife jammed into a small area. Some of my best memories of my father are from when we walked for hours on the canals around Hyde, Ashton & Glossop. I learned so much about plants and trees and animals from him then. I pass on a lot of that sort of thing now when I teach bushcraft and survival skills.

A funny thing happened to me today, I was walking in town with Ada when a woman approached me and asked "Are you the man from Taunton Daily Photo?" - I thought I was famous! However it turns out she recognised Ada! What a cheek - its MY blog not hers, she can't even use a camera yet!!! grrrrr ;)

Anyway, it was one of the people who run the About My Area website, a fantastic resource for communities. If you live in the UK check out your own About My Area, get involved...

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