Sunday, November 12, 2006

Taunton Magistrates Court

Directly opposite the police station and only a 100m from the old prison stands the magistrates court - very convenient!
Prisoners can be taken from the police cells through an underground passage into the court cells & then to the chambers.
Later when (if?) found guilty and the magistrate gives the offender a custodial sentence the dramatic phrase 'take him down Bailiff' really does mean down!

Taunton daily Tunes goes back to 1979 with Gary Numan and 'Are Friends Electric?' great tune, recently recycled by the Sugarbabes - just don't let him fly your plane or provide a sperm sample.....


Blogger Ame said...

Beautiful building! Wish our courts looked like this...much more "appeal"-ing! Hehehehehe...I'm not even gonna TOUCH the plane/sperm sample reference! Well, ok, maybe with gloves, and ONLY if it's some kind of evidence, LOL! ;-)

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an amazing set up and how very convenient indeed !
The building is beautiful too, and so very british...

Come to Sydney today and you'll be in Paris. Come to Sydney tomorrow and you'll see the old mental hospital... and there's a link between the two !!!

10:15 AM  
Blogger Irredento Urbanita said...

I like those kind of buildings, stones are very well used in architecture in UK.

Greetings from Barcelona

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, that's the crown court. The magistrate's court is near there. The underground passage has been blocked off: The police end of it is now a canteen!

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely building, But this is the county/crown court NOT the magistrates court as stated as that is in St Johns Road.

6:36 PM  

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